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rcc studio #01 - [from] crisis [to]

Some really interesting pieces on the relationships between the built environment and the notion of crisis, pertinent with my Masters thesis research this year which began with an examination of the continual call of 'crisis' within architecture and linked this call to 'external' crises, be they ecological, economic or political.

I am particularly drawn to Ramiro Aznar Ballarin's 'Mapping London Crisis: The relationship between outbreaks and riots.' It provides analysis and spatial considerations which seem to give more weight to the recent President's Medal Award winning student project robots of Brixton, in which Kibwe Tavares re-examines the 1980's Brixton riots for future architectural (and robotic) potency. The admittedly incredible film accompanying the project is below.

Robots of Brixton from Kibwe Tavares on Vimeo.