I am a New Zealander currently based in Basel, Switzerland. A Registered Architect in New Zealand, I am also a freelance writer, mentor and teacher. 

I began The Limn Blog in 2011 as a space to explore relationships between projects, people and places. Here, I focus on developing a personal way of thinking and writing that bridges opinion, creative writing, poetry, journalism, and academic worlds.

Alongside my current role at Oppenheim Architecture Europe, I run Portico, a website for aspiring architects. My writing has appeared in various architectural journals and books, and I am a regular contributor to the Design Stories feature of Context Gallery. 

Before moving to Europe in 2019, I spent five years at Fearon Hay Architects in Auckland, and two years at Andrew Sexton Architecture in Wellington. I have also regularly run architectural design studio courses at the University of Auckland, and at Victoria University of Wellington, and been an invited critic and course moderator.






 Limn is a verb meaning to describe; to depict with paint or with words. To Limn is to wash something existing with a new light, to bring forth new ways of seeing.