I'm Sophie.

Architect, essayist, poet, tutor and Francophile living in Auckland, New Zealand. Currently team leader at Fearon Hay Architects.

I graduated with my Master's of Architecture (Professional) from Victoria University of Wellington in 2012, and have since been tracing a number of paths through architecture, pedagogy and writing, masquerading as architect, tutor, lecturer, designer, and researcher.

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I am drawn to language, to light, and to strange synaesthesia-like moments in life. Beyond the typically architectural haunts of spaces and places, I often find myself enamoured with the lives of others.  In my spare time, I am usually exploring, often on my bicycle or surfboard, taking photographs or trying to put words on a page.  I spend a lot of time wishing I drew as much as I used to. 

The Limn 

The Limn Blog launched in 2011 as a platform to explore the links between architectures, people and writing.

Through the presentation of projects, people, and places, The Limn is largely focused on developing a way of writing which bridges opinion, creative writing, journalism, and academic worlds. 

I'm looking to add other voices to this mix - and I'd love to hear from you.


 Limn is a verb meaning to describe; to depict with paint or with words. To Limn is to wash something existing with a new light, to bring forth new ways of seeing.

If you have any questions - about architecture school, the profession or design, please get in touch!

Likewise if you would like to collaborate on a project - I'd love to hear from you.

Personal enquiries: