Based in Basel, Switzerland, Sophie Hamer is a New Zealand Registered Architect, freelance writer, mentor and teacher. 

Alongside her role at Oppenheim Architecture Europe, Sophie runs Portico, a website for aspiring architects. Her writing has appeared in various architectural journals and books, and she is a regular contributor to Context Journal. Prior to her move to Europe in 2019, she spent five years at Fearon Hay Architects in Auckland, and two years at Andrew Sexton Architecture in Wellington. She has regularly architectural design studio courses at the University of Auckland, and at Victoria University of Wellington.

Sophie began The Limn Blog in 2011 as a platform to explore relationships between projects, people and places. Here, she focuses on developing a way of writing which bridges opinion, creative writing, poetry, journalism, and academic worlds.





 Limn is a verb meaning to describe; to depict with paint or with words. To Limn is to wash something existing with a new light, to bring forth new ways of seeing.