Tatiana M Vela Jara 
· · · Hand drawings are explorations and processes of the project itself. They can capture in one space the past, present and possible experience of an idea - an idea that itself has come out of the first few drawn lines.  In this way, particualarly the hand-made drawing can reveal the maker's attitude and complexity, energy or vigour - and how it relates to the project itself. These drawings are mainly drawn by hand in various layers and various methods: pencil drawing, collage and hand cut outs of photographs. Photoshop was used minimally to obtain contrasts and layering - adding textures only when necessary. The drawings intend to show the contrast of very different worlds: overground and a secretive underground. Layers are intended to be shown in their complexity and interrelated to each other. This way of drawing and representing evolved from the drawing that explored the inherent nature of the site. (cutout 3d drawing) · · ·  Sheffield

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