ArCAM, Architecture Centre Amsterdam.
Thesis case study #3
See here for a pdf of the project, here for a write up at archdaily, and here for construction photographs.

From the Rene van Zuuk website (excuse the 'english'):

Rene van Zuuk Architeckten is a Dutch based office that has a wide variety of project. Underlying in all the designs is the continuous search for methods which can guide the projects. The aim is to unite a maximised degree of 'particularity' of the final product with simplicity in manufacturing. Rene van Zuuks knowlegde of building production technology, is of crucial importance. Almost every project derives its expression from an idea, an invention that initiates and boosts the design process.
These inventions are clearly visible in his most well known buildings. The Architecture Centre Amsterdam (ArCAm) building which is a direct result from transforming blob architecture into well thought-out architecture that is based on production methods.