An old favourite of mine has caught my eye again; the Plaza del Torico by B720. The project uses large 'cobbles' with a pattern of embedded luminescent strips to create a delicate atmosphere while avoiding an excessively dominant illumination. The light, understood as a fluid element, spreads throughout the square but with variations: around the Torico fountain (encircled by luminous lines), the Fondero and Somero cisterns, and the Arca Secreta (where the density of the lines is reduced by half, to stress the archaeological value of these points).
The square is organised longitudinally by lines that accentuate the perspective, constructed with linear lighting systems in the porticos and facades, two conduits for installations on the exterior of the porticos, to eliminate the cables that until now have been attached to the facades.
The lighting project is completed by the installation of lights concealed within the Torico fountain (which can change colour on special occasions). Thus, the existing lighting, essentially vertical, gives way to a more horizontal arrangement.
And then there is the underside...