Untitled, Untitled and Untitled, from the "Place as a Pause" series, by Marika Asatiani.

'Place as a Pause' reminds me of a book I stumbled across on google books the other day: 'The Small Space of a Pause: Susan Howe's Poetry and the Spaces Between.' I'm hoping to get around to reading the majority of the work at some point. The author, Elizabeth Joyce, unwraps the 'space' of the poetry in such a lucid manner. The poem she has included on the opening page of her introduction is Untitled, 1976, and was previously unpublished. I am at odds as to why she has removed the dashes characteristic of Howe's work (and, for those who are familiar, extremely resonant of Emily Dickinson's punctuation). 

The small space
Of a pause

A haze
Blink into aching lost
Only words remain
If the print is available
The green of a city
A tumble of omens
In a western direction
Narrowing from side to side
Space as emptiness...

Is her theme
The whole page
Not just one part
Positive and negative space
Or sailed away
In the small space
Of endless possibility

I am also enjoying one of Elisabeth W. Joyce's other works - Cultural Critique and Abstraction: Marianne Moore and the Avant-GardeMore work by Marika after the break.

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