New/old  Sky/lights
Study, Ma
rch 2010

A few weeks ago, I  realised how much my skylight painting studies recall Rachel Whiteread's House.

In my painting studies, the trace provides both a framework for memory to be constructed and an element to reference memory. We can use tracers to decode space, and use the language of the trace to set up new activity in space. A trace, in essence, is the projection of the subject/object relationship over time. 

The language of the trace is not overlay, it is not stain, it is not tracing, it is not aging, it is not lingering, nor forgotten. It is a generation of an in-between, a projection of time, a fabrication of time...

Most importantly the trace takes into account its own process. It is not  an A to B, but an A via AB to B. The trace iterates. The trace asks us to locate meaning.