There's something about seeing the hand-prints of others - of people you don't know but who have stood in this same space as you, and in some way share that space with you - which makes you feel more connected to the citizens of the world. It is a little like looking at the stars which men hundreds of years ago used to navigate their way through yet uncharted waters. While some might dislike these marks appearing built surfaces, for me the residue of the human-building relationship  is quite charming.

When I stumbled across the photographs of the Beltgens Fashion Shop by Wiel Arets Architects, in Amsterdam, I couldn't help but be enamoured. Those fingers on corten. But even without the hand-prints overlaid the work is seductive in its simplicity. Wiel Arets continue to produce a range of exquisite work merging the old and new, the rough and fleshy.